Illinois Braille Series, Book 2, Beginning Contracted Braille Revised

This popular braille course for adults now has improved braille formatting and includes colorful new covers! 
The Illinois Braille Series is a classic program for teaching literary braille to former print readers. It includes raised print letters, braille, tracking guides, practice activities, writing drills, and an interesting variety of reading selections. This 3-volume set progresses from uncontracted to contracted braille in 50 lessons. 
While the content of the Illinois Braille Series has not changed, the format in Books I and II has been adjusted to better accommodate the beginning braille reader. 
Book I Covers:

• Braille alphabet

• Braille numbers

• Basic punctuation symbols.

Format Improvements: Book I is now produced in standard-sized braille rather than enlarged (jumbo) braille. Guidelines and double spacing have been added to assist the learner.  

Books II and III Cover:

• Contractions and additional symbols, which comprise standard English Braille American Edition (EBAE).

Format Improvements: Book II provides special formatting to aid development of efficient hand movement.  

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Illinois Braille Committee of 1992
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Illinois Braille Committee
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Illinois Braille Series, Book 2, Beginning Contracted Braille Revised Catalog Number: 7-17240-00
Format: Regular Print, 1 v., 34

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