Light In-Sight: Reflection and Refraction Kit

This kit enables science and physics students who are visually impaired to construct ray diagrams related to light reflection and refraction.

Using hook & loop materials and stick-on drawing pieces, students can develop an understanding of the following light reflection and refraction concepts:
  • Reflection and the law of refraction
  • Diffuse reflection and total internal reflection Image formation by plane mirrors
  • Refraction and refractive index
  • Snell's law of refraction
  • Light transmission through a convex lens and image formation by a convex lens
  • Light transmission through a concave lens and image formation by a concave lens

Unlike other tactile graphics, which are often static, diagrams constructed using this product are malleable, making the teaching and learning process interactive and dynamic.

Light In-Sight Kit Includes

  • One working board and two storage panels
  • Stick-on drawing pieces
  • Teacher's instruction booklet in large print and in braille

WARNING: Choking Hazard—Small Parts. Not intended for children ages 5 and under without adult supervision.
Age Range:
12 and Up


Light In-Sight: Reflection and Refraction Kit Catalog Number: 1-08286-00
Format: Product

Price: $199.00

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