Mini-Lite Box: Overlays

Designed to provide the ability to build visual complexity by adding one overlay at a time, individualizing each child's needs.

The Mini-Lite Box Overlays are unique in that the parent or teacher may choose the level of visual complexity for each learner. Overlays can be used for instruction or assessment in color identification, shape identification, and counting. Individualize by adding layers for each student's level of complexity

Using color, light, and increasing levels of complexity, the Mini-Lite Box Overlays can be layered for many different purposes.

Mini-Lite Box Overlays Includes
  • Translucent overlays in three colors and three shapes (red, blue, yellow and circles, squares, triangles)
  • Translucent overlays with black horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, and rainbow stripes
  • Translucent solid color overlays in pink, orange, and purple
  • Guidebook, Large Print
-Visit for list of free downloadable brf files.


Mini-Lite Box: Overlays Catalog Number: 1-08659-00
Format: Product

Price: $109.00

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