NewT Kit

New tools and activities for use with Functional Vision and Learning Media Assessment (NewT).

You've used and loved FV/LMA, but it's difficult gathering all the tools, materials, and equipment you need. Very soon it will all be in one convenient kit for you! Everything you need to complete the Observations, Functional Vision Assessment, and Learning Media Assessment sections of the FV/LMA is in this handy tool kit. Nigel Newt's Portfolios provide sample graphs, maps, dictionary entries, reading samples, diagrams, news clippings, catalogue pages for grade levels K–12. All text is provided in accessible formats.

Get rid of that box of stuff you haul around in your car. All you need is NewT!

  • 198 color and black & white cards to match and sort
  • Light-up items for near and distance tasks
  • Acuity measurement charts
  • Color & shape manipulatives (balls, bowls, stars)
  • Array of measuring devices
  • Array of colored markers and crayons
  • Array of papers, pens, and erasers
  • Nigel Newt’s Portfolios
  • Guidebook Set, in braille and in large print
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NewT Kit Catalog Number: 1-08149-00
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Price: $959.00

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