Nearby Explorer App for iOS Devices

An full featured GPS app for iOS® and Android™ devices that empowers users to independently explore with confidence! This app is available with Quota Funds! See special Quota ordering instructions below.

Nearby Explorer™ is a powerful location exploration app that uses onboard maps; it includes complete maps for the United States and Canada covering millions of points of interest (POIs).

Available in three versions:
  • Purchased App (2 options): purchase on the Google Play™ store or on the App® Store online store; downloads all mapping data and does NOT require a network connection.
  • Free Online App: free-of-charge on Google Play; mapping data is stored on the web, so the free version DOES require a network connection. This is a "lite" version of the Purchased App.

NEW! iOS version now contains Indoor Explorer, which allows you to navigate indoors in supported venues!

Use Nearby Explorer to add and share your own POIs. Nearby Explorer uses GPS and your phone's compass to speak real-time information about your surroundings. It also displays maps on the screen that provide audio feedback with touch. The program enhances its onboard data with Google Places™ business listings and Foursquare® (iOS only), if you have a mobile network connection.

Independently Sense Your Surroundings Nearby Explorer makes independent travel efficient, informative, and fun for pedestrians and passengers who are blind and visually impaired! It continually updates distance and direction to the nearest point or to a selected point. All announcements are optional, so you control how much information Nearby Explorer is giving you.

GeoBeam Feature
Since your device knows your current location and the location of POIs around you, you can point it toward features in your environment and receive feedback about them. Think of this feature as a virtual "beam" emitting from the end of your device that "scans" your environment! This feature requires a device with a compass.

WARNING: When walking, Nearby Explorer should be used along with a sighted guide, dog guide, or cane because it does not provide sufficient information to act as a substitute for your preferred O&M method.

Some of the many benefits and uses of Nearby Explorer:
  • Increases awareness of your exact position and keeps you updated with movement
  • Improves spatial awareness by announcing the distance and direction of upcoming streets
  • Improves knowledge of your surroundings by showing the distance, direction, name, and address of the nearest place
  • Increases flexibility by discovering the surrounding streets with the compass
  • Improves orientation to POIs through haptic and auditory feedback
  • Treats transit stops as a POI with additional information interactive information and provides a complete schedule
  • Search for places, streets, and addresses
  • Explore the map by intersections
  • Shows the direction you are heading ("North," "Southeast," etc.) and your speed
  • Tracks a selected place and provides the distance and direction to get there

Requirements to Run Purchased App
  • Nearby Explorer requires an Android or iOS device with the following:
  • Android 4.1 or later; iOS 9 or later
  • GPS receiver on phone or tablet
  • 4 GB of available memory for locally stored maps.

Note: A built-in compass is not required, but will add additional functionality.

Click on "Additional product information" below for special Quota ordering instructions for iOS version.

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Nearby Explorer App for iOS Devices Catalog Number: D-30022-APL
Format: Product

This product requires special handling. Please call APH customer service at 1-800-223-1839.


Additional Information:

Nearby Explorer for iOS devices: D-30022-APL, $79.00
  • Ordering: Ex Officio Trustees can submit a signed Quota order to APH by fax or mail. The order can be for one or more Nearby Explorer licenses. Please provide APH with a contact person's email address or telephone number on your Federal Quota order. Note: At this time, Nearby Explorer cannot be ordered online using Quota funds.
  • Receiving: APH will then email you an Apple Content Code for each license that you order. You will also receive a hard copy confirmation of each code printed on the invoice APH mails to you.
  • Distribution: EOTs are responsible for distributing Apple Content Codes to those teachers or others in their states who have ordered Nearby Explorer on Quota.
  • How to Install: The end user will install by: going to the App Store on his or her iOS device and using the Apple Content Code to download Nearby Explorer: open App Store > select the "Featured" tab > scroll to the bottom of the Featured screen > select "Redeem" > enter the password for the iOS device > follow instructions on Redeem screen.
  • Purchase from Apple Using Non-Quota Funds: The option to purchase from the App Store using non-Quota funds is also available

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