On the Way to Literacy Handbook, 2nd Edition

A companion to APH's On the Way to Literacy print-tactile book series, this handbook guides teachers and parents in supporting a young child’s first steps towards literacy. Each edition includes a CD of accessible files.


Children who have not formed a foundation of skills before entering kindergarten are at risk for later reading difficulties. During a child's earliest years, adults play a critical role, helping a child develop positive attitudes about literacy and build early literacy skills. The 2nd edition of the On the Way to Literacy handbook brings together material from:

  • Information and research from the field of teaching children with visual impairments
  • Research regarding early literacy for typically sighted children
  • Recent findings of the National Early Literacy Panel


Use everyday events to support a child's learning in key areas:

  • Early communication and language -- the ability to communicate, speak and listen with understanding
  • Concepts -- understandings, formed through experience, that give meaning to language the child learns
  • Skills needed for learning through touch and for reading braille
  • Knowledge about written language -- including awareness of the ways print and braille are used, knowledge of print and braille conventions, and the relationship of letters and letter-sounds


This handbook contains extensive information on selecting and reading aloud from appropriate books and providing children opportunities to use the tools for writing in braille or print.


Opportunities to develop early literacy skills are important for all children. Although portions of the On the Way to Literacy handbook focus on the future braille reader, a great deal of the information is appropriate for a child who will read print. Approache

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Additional Information:


Storybooks introduce large print, tactile illustrations, and braille. Illustrations provide opportunities to use finger and hand skills.

Recommended ages for storybooks: 2 1/2 to 5 years, except Gumdrop Tree, which is not for children under 5 years without adult supervision.

How On the Way Is Sold

The handbook and storybooks can be purchased separately or as sets. The books in the sets are grouped together for your ordering convenience, and are not sequential in terms of level of difficulty.