Place Value Setter

With Place Value Setter, students will gain knowledge of conceptual models of place value and then connect that knowledge with written representations. With its refreshable and concrete display, the Place Value Setter gives students with blindness and low vision, as well as their teachers, a prompt way to represent numbers using written digits.

Designed for elementary school students, especially 1st to 3rd graders, this tool is particularly
useful for the following groups:
• students with blindness and low vision who need to practice quick and simple place value
• setting
• teachers or teaching assistants of students with visual impairments who want to set up place
• value problems quickly so that, in inclusive settings, their students can follow classroom instructions and participate in real time
• classroom activities
• for non-braille readers such as parents and sighted students to work together with students with visual impairments
• for students who benefit from hands-on learning to get a concrete learning experience
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Place Value Setter Catalog Number: 1-08284-00
Format: Product
Catalog Number: 1-08284-00
Format: Product

Price: $109.00

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