TADPOLE Kit: Tools and Activities for the Development of Visual Skills

Tools and Activities for the Development of Visual Skills (TADPOLE) is an array of activities, materials, and tools for use with 0-2 level learners.

TADPOLE is a set of standardized tools that helps practitioners perform functional vision evaluations or visual skills development activities. It is similar to APH's Tools for Assessment and Development of Visual Skills (ToAD) kit, but is geared for younger learners. TADPOLE is a natural precursor to APH's ToAD Program.

Note: Materials from the ToAD kit are required to use the TADPOLE program.

TADPOLE does not provide a formal assessment -- there are several excellent assessment tools available, includingISAVE from APH. TADPOLE provides materials that assist the educator as he or she performs vision assessments or activities. 

Note: TADPOLE also functions as the Vision Modality section for APH'sSensory Learning Kit (SLK). 

The TADPOLE Practitioner's Guidebook is a collection of suggested activities, primarily for use with students who are very young (0-2 level), or who have communication and/or cognitive delays. These activities are functional, and uncomplicated, natural to the learner's environment. 

Practitioners should purchase the ToAD kit prior to use of the TADPOLE kit, since items from ToAD are needed when a student's personal items are not available. Items from the ToAD Program are used with TADPOLE because they embody visual characteristics of objects that are typically helpful to students with low vision and cortical visual impairments. Some of these characteristics are:

  • Simple, single color backgrounds
  • Simple design
  • Shiny or metallic objects
  • Objects or materials colored red, yellow, and sometimes blue
  • Familiarity of objects

Suggested uses for TADPOLE
  • As the Vision Modality for the Sensory Learning Kit by APH
  • For the creation of fun, yet simple functional activities for students who are multiply disabled
  • As Vision Assessment/Development Materials for use with ISAVE (often a precursor to ToAD)
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TADPOLE Kit: Tools and Activities for the Development of Visual Skills Catalog Number: 1-08155-00
Format: Product
Catalog Number: 1-08155-00
Format: Product

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Additional Information:

Complete TADPOLE Program includes:
  • Object Cards
  • TADPOLE Mini-Lite Box overlays
  • Report of Visual Skills (10-pack)
  • Black & White Coloring Cards (5-pack) 
  • Practitioner’s Guidebook, Large Print  
  • Tasha Tadpole's Puzzle Book, Large Print  


  • Both the Practitioner's Guidebook and Tasha Tadpole's Puzzle Book are available separately in braille versions.
  • The optional Soft Snap Puzzles are useful with both TADPOLE and ToAD activities. 
  • The CD content for TADPOLE is available as a single .ZIP file from: http://www.aph.org/manuals/TADPOLE.zip
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