Tactile Editing Marks Kit

Use the Tactile Editing Marks Kit with braille students to support the writing process.

From the early primary grades on, children learn about the stages of writing, including: planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Young students with visual impairments who use a braillewriter often require additional support with revising and editing, which can be cumbersome on a brailler. The use of tactile editing marks provides these beginning writers with a concrete way to indicate changes on their braille drafts as they revise and edit short pieces. Tactile editing marks enable students to write final correct copies of their work independently, just as their typically sighted peers do.

Tactile Editing Marks Kit:
  • provides beginning writers with a concrete understanding of the revision and editing processes
  • increases younger students' independence in producing final copies on the braillewriter
  • enables some students who use electronic devices to note mechanical corrections, formatting needs, and content changes on their embossed drafts and transfer them to their electronic files
  • provides a systematic way for teachers and students to share thoughts about writing

  • Self-adhesive braille editing marks, 5 sheets
  • 2-inch self-adhesive clear labels, 5 sheets
  • 3-inch self-adhesive clear labels, 5 sheets
  • Braille eraser
  • 1/8-inch roll of Graphic Art Tape
  • 1/16-inch roll of Graphic Art Tape
  • 8-inch Wikki Stix, 2 pks.
  • Teacher's manual, large print
  • Tactile editing marks chart, in large print and in braille

Note: The braille teacher's manual is available as a free download.

Downloadable Manual: The guidebook for this product is available as a free-of-charge download -- you may print or emboss it as needed using the downloaded file. Visit our downloadable manuals page at: http://www.aph.org/manuals/index.html

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