Teach Me To See Video, DVD

This video provides guidance on processes and activities that promote the optimal use of vision and other senses.

Based upon the work and theories of Drs. Amanda Lueck and Toni Heinze, Teach Me To See gives practitioners guidance on developing and carrying out activities that are functional and have meaning to each child. Watch children respond to simple stimuli in rich environments that promote their cognitive development and sharpen their visual skills. Listen to experienced teachers talk about orientation & mobility skills, immersive learning, visual development, and choice-making for their young students.

Teach Me To See consists of 4 videos on one DVD:

1. Instructional Program

2. Visual Skills

3. Methodology

4. Activities and Outcomes

Teach Me To See is helpful to parents, teachers, other practitioners, college students, occupational and physical therapists, and paraprofessionals. Teach Me To See will show parents and professionals how to develop individual learning programs for students with visual impairments, especially those who may also have other significant challenges.

Approximate run time: 68 minutes. Closed captioned and subtitles.

by Amanda Hall-Lueck, Ph.D. and Toni Heinze, Ph.D.
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Teach Me To See Video, DVD Catalog Number: 1-30044-DVD
Format: Video

Price: $10.00

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