Teaching Street Crossing to Students With Visual Impairments

Intended for use by O&M professionals, this book summarizes promising pedagogical methods for teaching street crossings to persons who are blind and visually impaired.

Teaching Street Crossing to Students With Visual Impairments: How to Teach, Not What to Teach provides information about teaching various components of street-crossing skills at appropriate ages/developmental levels; sequencing skills and environments; and using appropriate pedagogical strategies to enhance effectiveness of street-crossing instruction.

The goal of this manual is to provide information about different strategies—skills-based, behavioral, and Piagetian—that are derived from different theories of learning.

Practical case examples and vignettes throughout the manual apply concepts to real-world scenarios for the reader.

Topics Addressed Include
  • Chapter One: Skills and Pedagogy: What Is the Difference?
  • Chapter Two: When to Begin Teaching Street Crossing
  • Chapter Three: Developing a "Game Plan" for Teaching Street Crossing
  • Chapter Four: Planning How to Teach, not What to Teach
Tessa McCarthy
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