Transition Tote System: Student Manual, Cassette

Replacement item for Transition Tote System: Navigating the Rapids of Life: Cassette Kit: 1-08201-00 (THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED).

Note: This item relates to the discontinued Transition Tote System. The new Transition Tote System: Revised is now available.
Age Range:
12 and Up
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Transition Tote System: Student Manual, Cassette Catalog Number: 43-170-001
Format: Sound

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Additional Information:

The Transition Tote System is designed to assist high school students who are visually impaired or blind as they explore and prepare for the world of work. This kit is also useful for some middle school students and some adults. Basic principles underlying the System include organizational skills, social and self-advocacy skills, and personal responsiblity. ;; The Transition Tote System is packaged as a student kit, with a separate Informational Supplement for teachers. The student kit is the heart of the system; it is available in three versions, with a student manual in either large type (1-08200-00), braille (1-08203-00), or on cassette tape (the cassette version includes excerpts from the student manual in large type and braille). All versions of the student kit include three major components: the student manual, tote case, and 3 1/2 inch disk. The student manual is a series of 30 lessons in five units, written with the student as the audience. The lessons cover such vital transition topics as organizational skills, self-awareness, work exploration, job-seeking skills, and job-keeping skills. An extensive annotated resource section concludes the document. The soft-sided nylon tote case measures 16 x 14 x 5 inches. It is designed to accommodate assistive technology and other specialized equipment, as well as books, folders, supplies, etc. It includes a clipboard and an APH print/braille calendar. The 3 1/2 inch PC-formatted disk includes forms and checklists from the manual. ;; A replacement tote case (1-08202-00) is available separately, but it does not include the clipboard or calendar. ;;