Tri-fold Board

This tri-fold board is covered with VELCRO® brand loop material and can be used for a variety of educational and recreational activities.

This board measures 37 x 24 inches and can be used in combination with many existing APH VELCRO® brand-backed pieces (e.g., Picture Maker Accessories), as well as with commercially available OR teacher/parent-made manipulatives. The Tri-fold Board can be used at its full size, folded down to one or two panels, or propped up in an easel position (if supported from behind). Two 3/4-inch nickel plated D-rings are riveted in the top center of the two outside panels for easy hanging. The reverse side of the board is covered with a protective red vinyl.

The Tri-fold Board offers an intermediate size between APH's Picture Maker 13 x 20 3/4 inch Felt Board and the larger 48 x 30 inch Invisiboard.

Note: Pieces shown on Tri-fold Board in the photo image are NOT included with the board.

VELCRO®, VELTEX®, and VELCOIN® are registered trademarks of Velcro Industries B.V.

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Tri-fold Board Catalog Number: 1-08859-00
Format: Product

Price: $66.00

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