UEB Math Tutorial

APH’s UEB Math Tutorial contains over fifty lessons broken up into 10 chapters that cover the rules of UEB Mathematics. This web-based program runs on any modern computer platform, works well with refreshable braille displays, and it’s available free-of-charge!

Why a UEB Math Tutorial?
APH’s online UEB Math Tutorial informs teachers and students on using UEB for mathematics through online lessons and exercises. And it’s free-of-charge!

A Few Facts
  • Future jobs will require an increased emphasis on technical skills
  • Technical skills require study in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines.
  • To effectively study STEM content, a student must be able to read and write mathematics.
  • The UEB code gives students the tools needed to write and read mathematics
  • The UEB Math Tutorial along with the Nemeth Tutorial allows students and teachers to learn and practice Braille mathematics in their preferred Braille code

Each lesson contains four sections
  • Explanation
  • Reading Exercises
  • Writing Exercises
  • Proofreading Exercises

Sighted User Features
  • Braille displayed with a Unicode font
  • Braille can be entered with a standard QWERTY keyboard using six-key entry
  • Mathematical expressions are displayed using MathML

Features for Users who are Blind
  • Works with existing screen readers on all major platforms
  • Supports input and output with Braille Displays

The UEB Math Tutorial is available free-of-charge from APH at https://uebmath.aphtech.org Try it today!
Age Range:
5 and Up
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UEB Math Tutorial Catalog Number: D-30032-ED
Format: E-File

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