VIPS At Home, Emergent Literacy Parent Empowerment Program

VIPS At Home: Parent Empowerment Program is a three module program developed from a partnership between APH and Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS). Since visual impairment is a low incidence disability, a family with a young child who is blind may have never known anyone who is blind or visually impaired. VIPS At Home addresses these needs by offering courses for parents that can be studied in the home, making it possible to get information to families at their convenience. These materials offer opportunities for connecting with professionals and other parents for support.

Emergent Literacy: This course helps parents become comfortable reading to their child with a visual impairment as they learn how to make story time come alive. Parents learn how to make a story box, adapt books, and create books of their own.

Power At Your Fingertips: This course provides a concise and family-friendly introduction to braille. Parents can begin to experience the joy of learning braille without the frustration of enormous textbooks. Parents will learn how to bring braille literacy into their everyday routines and discover numerous resources for child-ready braille materials.

Special Education: Your Journey to a Successful IEP: This course helps demystify conferences and paperwork and puts parents at ease during the school years ahead.
Age Range:
1 to 5
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