On the Way to Literacy, Gobs of Gum

On the Way to Literacy Storybook Illustrated with Thermoforms (molded plastic shapes).

A rhyming story about “big blobs, small gobs, and sticky icky strings of bubblegum.”
Age Range:
2.5 to 5
Suzette Frere Wright ; tactile designs by Tom Poppe.
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On the Way to Literacy, Gobs of Gum Catalog Number: 6-77500-08
Format: Braille

Price: $59.00

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Additional Information:

Note: This book is a part of the On the Way to Literacy: Early Experiences for Visually Impaired Children series, other titles sold separately.

The revised handbook and series of 18 storybooks contain vital information and activities to enhance the development of literacy in young blind and visually impaired children.

Handbook for parents and teachers addresses communication, hand skills/tactual exploration, concepts, and book experiences. Recommended ages: birth to 5 years.

Storybooks introduce large print, tactile illustrations, and braille. Illustrations provide opportunities to use finger and hand skills. Recommended ages: 2 1/2 to 5 years, except The Gumdrop Tree, which is not for children under 5 years without adult supervision.

How On the Way Is Sold
The handbook and storybooks can be purchased separately or as sets. The books in the sets are grouped together for your ordering convenience, and are not sequential in terms of level of difficulty.