Sensory Learning Kit (SLK)

This kit is for use in the development of skills for learners with the most significant challenges. Is an extensive set of sensory items and written materials that help the most significantly challenged learners increase their curiosity and develop specific skills. Tools in this kit may be used to help create daily schedules, lesson plans, and alternative assessments for play or functional routines.


  •  SLK Guidebook and Assessment Forms – create appetite lists and determine appropriate arousal states for routines
  •  SLK Routines Book – explains importance of routines and provides templates
  •  Three assistive technology switches
  •  A power control unit
  •  Multiple appetite items featuring texture, color, and sound for use in routines
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not intended for children ages 5 and under without adult supervision.

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Sensory Learning Kit (SLK) Catalog Number: 1-08611-00
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Additional Information:


Products and Activities for Children with Multiple Disabilities

Article excerpt from the field, by Kristie Smith, M.Ed, CTVI

Originally published in Fred's Head From APH


As with other children, those who have multiple disabilities that include vision impairment desire to use their senses to explore and interpret the world around them. I have a student who, despite being blind, has learned color concepts by associating them with certain tastes and smells. Perception is often not limited to any single delivery method. Accordingly, APH offers a wide variety of products to enrich active minds and bodies.


One of the many wonderful APH products is the Sensory Learning Kit. It comes with a switch-activated fan, a vibrating pillow, a radio, and an array of other devices that put the child in charge of sensory input.


APH also offers a Walk-Run Fitness Kit. This kit allows considerable freedom of movement through aerobic activity while providing the safety of a personal guide wire system that can be assembled almost anywhere. The kit’s adjustable tether is capable of accommodating wheelchair users as well.          


APH also sells the Sensory Cylinder Set. These cylinders encourage hand manipulation and aid in the interpretation of color and mass. Each cylinder has it’s own distinct texture, color, and weight.


Everyone perceives the world differently. These APH products can help our students and loved ones stave off restlessness, facilitate awareness and help our children appreciate a wide spectrum of sensations.



Do you have some great ideas about using APH products? We encourage you to submit an article to the Fred's Head from APH blog. Contact Marissa Stalvey, APH's Social Media Coordinator,


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